What constitutes a crisis?

We’ve opened Pandora’s Box on tech inequity, but that’s just a symptom of another more insidious illness in our education system. Can we eliminate this disease, too?

What ARE we doing to make sure our students make it across?

Education, Interrupted

Kia ora.

Many of us love to talk about ‘disrupting’ education. To my fellow pro-disruptors, I say congratulations — education has been disrupted! Now, what are we doing about it?

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed yet.”

— William Gibson

False Securities of a Socio-Economic Crisis

Education is supposedly the ‘great equaliser’, but we seem to have settled for “good enough” because on the surface, it might not look like there is much to complain about. Some of my students, and their families, know different.

The Crowded House we don’t want to claim — “Crowded” means more than 2 people per bedroom.
What happens when they don’t have this safe space anymore?


Maslow’s Hierarchy: Adjusted for the 21st century.
Bloom’s Taxonomy: one of many to categorise and identify teaching and learning objectives.
What will 2020 look like?

The Dregs of Disaster

Wēijī: “Danger at the point of juncture”. Source: Wikipedia

I build intelligent protocols that learn how great teachers teach, so we can help our learners learn better. felicityjanepowell.com

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